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BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" tour #1 is complete, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! - March 20, 2011

THANK YOU to The Crossroads Theatre and The Art Garage in Denver, The Sandbox Studio in Seattle, The Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, Wordspace in Los Angeles and The Gorilla Tango Theatre in Chicago, my first run around the country complete, what an amazing experience, 5 cities in 10 days, and to all the people who came out to share my story with me.....none of us will ever be the same. THANK YOU. I am on to the next place now..........

BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" in Denver, Seattle, Oakland so far, headed to LA and Chicago.... - March 16, 2011

so it's been a while since I updated this news page, but it's only because I have been SO BUSY, which means I am SO GRATEFUL, which means I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! My experiences in Denver, Seattle and Oakland so far, have been amazing. Truthfully... I have to say that this feels like the most important moment of my life, a culmination of a lot of time, experiences and hard work, I'm just very happy to be here, I feel as if I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time of my life. And so, if you want to get a feel for what has been going on, check out the homepage here, I'm always updating the "what they are saying" section, and the "your thoughts" page also is a good place to see how people are feeling about me and BROKE WIDE OPEN, and of course, you can always be my friend at FACEBOOK and follow me at Twitter. Ok, sorry to be late in sharing all things Rock WILK and BROKE WIDE OPEN on this news page, I promise to be better about that, so keep coming back, and THANK YOU ALL FOR YOU LOVE AND SUPPORT, this is always, for me, a beautiful shared experience, so let's keep taking this journey together. See you again soon.......
Peace and Mad Love

BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" tour - February 2, 2011

sorry i haven't been keeping up with this page on the website, kickstarter campaign successful, I will be bringing BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" to 5 cities in 10 days, March 10-20, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, LA and Chicago here I come, back with more news soon!!!!!!!

PS122 2 weeks away - July 11, 2010

Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble - April 23, 2010

BROKE WIDE OPEN will be presented for 3 weeks as a workshop at The Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble from September 9 thru Sept 26th, in NYC. Check back soon for more info.......

PS122 Theater Festival - April 16, 2010

Broke Wide Open by Rock Wilk (writer and performer), directed by Tamilla Woodard, chosen to be a part of playgroundzero - part of undergroundzero festival at PS122, curated by Saviana Stanescu, Saturday, July 24th, 3 pm

Next up..... semi's for the Nuyorican slam team on Dec. 18th - December 9, 2009

OK, getting prepared to slam on Dec. 18th at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in their semifinals, winner goes to finals to make the team, an honor and a privilege to get to this point.
C'mon and holla 4 ya boy!

First Nuyorican Poetry Club win! - November 28, 2009

in the grand scheme of things.... well, to me, this was a big deal because when I first stepped into the storied Nuyorican Poets Cafe 2 weeks before Thanksgiving of last year, I set a goal of one day being invited to the Friday night stage. Seemed very far away, but after alot of hard work, and some public humiliation, I won my first slam last night. I am humbled at the accomplishment, real talk. Much appreciative of the opportunity from Mahogany Browne and the continued support of Jive Poetic, the 2 amazing hosts at Nuyo. These are 2 very special people, going way beyond slam poetry to make major contributions to the community at large, in New York City and far beyond, I am very fortunate to have walked into the club a year ago and to continue to have the opportunity to be around these great artists, and more importantly, great people. Thank you both.

Nuyorican Poets Cafe Friday night slam - September 27, 2009

this past Friday I was honored to be invited to be one of the poets to participate in the slam hosted by Mahogany Browne at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Amazing experience, packed house, as it always is there, hopefully more nights like that to come.

qualified for runoffs for the Individual World Poetry Slam - September 2, 2009

So I was top 10 at Urban NYC, qualified for the runoffs at The Bowery Poetry Club for IWPS, The Individual World Poetry Slam in Berkeley, CA and I didn't make it, so I say all this to say it was an honor to share the stage with some of the best poets in the world, congratulations to Jeanann Verlee, the winner and fun was had by all! Great night.

BROKE WIDE OPEN; What's next? - August 17, 2009

the performance of BROKE WIDE OPEN at The Showroom in Asbury Park, NJ on August 15th was an incredible experience for me. It was really the first time performing BROKE WIDE OPEN as a full blown play, a real theater piece, and I have to thank Stephen Bishop Seely for that, the producing artistic director of The Revision Theater. We've been meeting pretty much every week for the past 3 months and he's been pushing me to go deeper with not only my story but the characters as well, and to get clearer with my script. To understand what exactly it is I want the audience to walk away with. Truly, he has guided me to make BROKE WIDE OPEN a play, instead of just a performance piece, so I'm very grateful for that. What's next? Stay tuned............... now that the script is getting close to being done, I will be able to go into memorizing mode, lock it all down and we have plans on bringing in a director [soon to be searching for the right person], a lighting designer, and who knows, perhaps even a live band, but to keep the integrity of the music, there will also be a DJ working with the live musicians. And probably the most exciting thing for me would be to get the technology out of my hands, which means I won't have to be running the video and music on stage myself while I'm performing. I will finally be able to just cut it loose and perform, with all the music, lighting, staged elements, video and whatever else is needed, being taken care of by our crew, and at that point, well.... get ready people, I'll be BREAKIN' THIS MOTHAF*CKER WIDE OPEN!!!
Anyway, that's all the news for today, folks, I'm 2 days removed from the reading and the most profound Q&A the other night, and I'm just taking it all in, enjoying these feelings, appreciating the moment, understanding the gift of working with Mr Seely, feeling very humbled, inspired and thankful by the comments and emails coming in after the other night, and preparing for the next phase. I'm ready. Come with me. Let's go!

NY Times mention - August 8, 2009

great to be mentioned in the New York Times on July 31st in an article about The Showroom Theater down in Asbury Park, NJ, even though the author said I was running a "multimedia poetry slam". .Hmmm......... not something I would be doing, but I AM doing my play there, BROKE WIDE OPEN, and it's AWESOME to be mentioned in THE NEW YORK TIMES!

what's going on??? - July 30, 2009

sorry I haven't been updating this much as of late, been very busy, been all over the place. Had the pleasure of performing at the legendary Saint in Asbury Park, NJ for the Wave Gathering Festival, did a performance up in The Berkshires in a beautiful small town called Pittsfield, Mass at the Micro Theater, an amazing experience, and have been working closely with the genius artistic director of the Revision Theater Stephen Bishop Seely developing my script for BROKE WIDE OPEN. There's gonna be an upcoming staged reading at The Showroom Theater in Asbury Park, see the homepage and calendar page here for details. I'm excited to be doing a Q&A after that performance, so come on thru and give me some feedback. Stay tuned for more, alot is in the works, BROKE WIDE OPEN is about to bust!!!!!!

Ma'Plej, May 4th at UNDER ST MARKS SOLD OUT! - April 12, 2009

Thanks for the support, people, this show is completely sold out, if you would like to be put on the waiting list, call 212 592 4403 and if seats become available, you'll be contacted. No seats will be sold at the door.

Spoken word artist Rich Story featured to open Ma'Plej on May 4th, check it..... - March 27, 2009

Where have I been for the past 4 months??, among other places, hangin' at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and so I wanted to share some of my inspiration with you at the next performance of Ma'Plej, figured better than just talking about it, i would bring it to you in flesh and blood, BLOOD IS COLD, that is my honor to introduce the amazing spoken word artist, Rich Story, we'll be sharing the stage on May 4th as he dazzles you with his words and massive presence...

"Rich Story, born and raised in Harlem, NY. A member of the Silent Poets and the Blood is Cold Gang a Finalist at the 2008 Soundbites Adult Slam and an emering voice of NYC spoken word.

He works as a counsoler for special needs children, volunteers a youth homeless shelter where he facilitates poetry writing workshops and also facilitates weekly small group lessons for youth offenders at Rikers Island."

Get yo' ass to UNDER ST MARKS on May 4th, at 6:45pm, and experience Rich Story doin' his thing, and of course, join me as my story continues with Ma'Plej.

Rock headlines KINGDOM kickoff party for The Revision Theater...... - March 2, 2009

Kickoff party on March 7th for the opening of the hip hop musical KINGDOM, produced by The Revision Theater in Asbury park, NJ.

Ma'Plej postponed from March 31st to May 4th... - February 26, 2009

the next performance of Ma'Plej will be May 4th, the performance on March 31st had to be postponed due to other commitments. Same place, Under St Marks Theater in NYC, people who hold tickets to the March 31st date can use their tickets at the May 4th performance.

VALENTINES DAY IS HERE, ALONG WITH WORDs!!! and the 14th of February has come and gone!!! - February 18, 2009

Rock WILK's first spoken word CD AND Debut poetry chapbook,are officially released at

Rock WILK spoken word CD, VALENTINES DAY, available Wednesday, Feb. 18th... - February 14, 2009

you can get it here at the "buy stuff" page.............

Ma'Plej March 31st,it's on!! - February 11, 2009

contracts signed, theater booked, special guest to be announced, get yo' ass to this show, it's gonna be dope! Tix available at the "buy stuff" page....

competing at NYC Soundbites, team poetry event, spoken words flyin' around all over the place!!!!! - February 11, 2009

check , I'll be part of the team TEAM AIN'T NEVER SCARED, check back for more info...... Event happens on April 11th and 12th.........

Rock WILK spoken word CD and chatbook gonna be available soon.... - February 11, 2009

look for the cd at the end of the February, iTunes, and all other digital outlets to follow shortly thereafter, and a chatbook of my poetry coming soon, as well............

Flurry of live performances coming up, be sure to check the calendar page... - February 7, 2009

Poetry events at an elementary school and a High School performance for Black History Month, inspiring and being inspired by students, special guest appearances with other artists, community events, an appearance at Borders Books and the next Ma'Plej experience, check the calendar page to keep up!!

"The Chain" makes Tribe Magazines Top 24 songs of Indie Artists.............. - February 7, 2009

out of town to other languages, other lands... - February 6, 2009

more on these performances later.....
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