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Craig Treadway, Channel 11 News... - January 14, 2013

Craig Treadway, anchor of PIX11 News in New York City says, "Rock WILK's story is one that needs to be heard by all..."

one more week!!! - January 4, 2013

BROKE WIDE OPEN will be running until January 11th, only 7 performances left, learn a little about it all with En La Escena..........

BROKE WIDE OPEN running 4 more weeks!!! - December 17, 2012

My 500 NAMES family

I am so grateful to be writing to you today, to thank you all for getting me here, to this run of BROKE WIDE OPEN at The 45th Street Theatre (which has now been renamed The New Theatre at 45th St), in Times Square, New York City, the greatest city in the world, the most important theater district in the world, this has been the most amazing 2 months of my life, and now I have 4 weeks remaining, 24 more performances until we close this run, and BROKE WIDE OPEN will go find it's "next pla
ce" on the road to Broadway. So much has happened, so much has changed over this time since I first moved into the theater on Oct. 1st, the show has grown, my performance has evolved, and my team has progressed as well. I have had the amazing good fortune of having Rain Pryor as my producer and biggest supporter, she is the reason we were able to extend beyond the first 6 weeks that 500 NAMES got us to, and as a matter of fact, Rain was originally a part of 500 NAMES, so she has had a direct hand in this entire process, since the moment I saw "Rain Pryor has made a donation" pop up in my email box one day, shortly after I had met Rain on the set of Jamesy Boy, a film she and I both happened to have roles in, down in Baltimore, where Rain also happens to be the artistic director of The Strand Theatre. Over many twists and turns, Rain eventually became the lead producer of BROKE WIDE OPEN, she came in when I needed support the most, she kept the show running, and brought the perfect love, encouragement, financial support and powerful energy that any show needs to be successful, and I am so grateful to say that she is in here with all of us now for the long haul, so thank you, Rain, she is probably embarrassed reading this now, but I owe you a lot, and it feels good for me to feel like I want great things not only for me and all of the other beautiful people on this list, but for YOU, the person who saved this production at a time when it was important to find someone to do that. You "showed up", as you often say about how you live your life, you did that for me, and for all of us, and I promise I won't let you down as we progress.

To the rest of you magnificent people, I always look at this journey as beginnings and endings, because if there is one thing I have learned in my life, everything ends, but that is always an exciting precursor to new beginnings, opportunities, and so, I am so excited to be at The New Theatre for the next month, armed with everything I have accumulated since the day I began this journey over 6 years ago, but specifically with what has happened since the day we moved into this particular theater. I learned so much about theater in general, watching my director, Stephen Bishop Seely guide my team in hanging our lights, watching our lighting designer Omayra Garriga basically risk her life at about 30 feet high on the most tenuous ladder you have ever seen, along with Nivia Marrero, these guys really have their blood sweat and love all over the theater and their energy will live in that space forever. Watching Jason Sisino come up from Asbury Park and mount his magnificent painting that he created with his brother Lee Alston was one of the proudest moments of my life, to see that amazing work of art finally find a home in a theater like this in midtown Manhattan for the whole world to see was a beautiful moment, especially if you know Jason and Lee, what went into creating that piece that houses my show, trust me when I tell you, it was part of the catharsis that is everything BROKE WIDE OPEN.

There is actually so much I could write about, having groups of adoptees in the house, groups of kids in the foster care system, community groups, the energy on the opening night fundraiser where every seat was filled with people from this 500 NAMES family, it was an ELECTRIC atmosphere, and we raised almost $1500 for the children's aid society adoption and foster care programs of new york, I could go on and on about what happened each night, how special this has been, a beautiful theatrical experience, but I'm just gonna cut this short now and say, thank you. You gifted me and my play with life for the past year, I began the 500 NAMES campaign right around New Years and now here we are, closing the show right around when we began this dream a year ago, and it is a dream fulfilled, another stop toward our road to Broadway, and as much as I am looking forward to seeing what's next, I am focused on this last 4 weeks, I am looking to make history every night that I step out on that stage, to learn, to grow, to FEEL, and so I hope that every one of you can find your way to the theater before Jan. 11th, so that I can hug each and every one of you personally after each show, this has been the greatest time of my life, and i appreciate you all so much for providing me with that precious offering. One of the best parts of this run for me has been seeing that I can easily handle performing 6 nights a week, I have gotten stronger with each performance, I have the stamina to stand up to an 8 shows a week schedule, and that is definitely because of the energy YOU have provided me, and so let the Broadway producers arrive, we are prepared, we have done the work, we have received GREAT reviews, some beautiful stories written about us, we have shown that BROKE WIDE OPEN belongs, and so I look forward to seeing what the universe provides now.

If I'm being really honest, my heart is quite heavy at the moment, I didn't want this run to end, in this space, I have absolutely gotten used to going to the theater every night, to having the opportunity to do this show 6 nights a week, but we have 4 weeks left to enjoy, and it's really not time to be sad or disappointed, but time to squeeze everything that is remaining out of this last month of performances, so much can happen in 4 weeks, and anyone who knows anything about me KNOWS that I will squeeze this bad boy for everything it has to offer, and so, if you want to see what YOU built, from the ground up, you better bring yo' ass to The New Theatre at 45th Street on any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night from tomorrow thru January 11th, and let's feel all of this together, I promise you, you will never forget the experience, I remember every one of mine, for sure. All beautiful shared experiences.

OK, enough words, you can get your tickets here....
I love you all!!! SEE YOU AT THE THEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sway in the morning!!!!!!!!! - December 6, 2012

Sirius/XM Radio with Sway in the morning and Heather B. Awesome!!!

Where are we at with all of this??? - November 26, 2012

Hello everybody
just a quick note to let you all know what's happening and how things are going at the theater. First of all, I hope everyone had an amazing holiday, that you were all around people you love and who love you, I was with my mentor and second "father" Mr Rollins, all 97 years of him, it was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving. Anyway, we are obviously still up at The 45th Street Theatre, and more and more it is feeling like home to me, but the journey has been very challenging in terms of audience. We need more people in the house. A few of the major challenges have been, first of all, the hurricane. New York City and the entire metropolitan area are still obviously "digging out" in a sense, that set everything back about a month, in my opinion, but we are moving away from that slowly but surely. There are many people who are still in the midst of their own personal recovery and who perhaps will not recover for a very long time, and so our hearts go out to them, perhaps we can one day provide them with a brief respite from the devastation they have experienced with BROKE WIDE OPEN, that is one of the beautiful things about having a show like this, sometimes it simply helps people to get out of their heads. And so that is the next challenge we have been faced with, letting the outside world know we are here. We have been listed in some major place like the New York Times and Time Out New York, but the listings said we closed on Nov. 11th and so, we are in the process of getting that updated as well, but we obviously can't control how fast any of those places update their listings, and so, I wonder how many people have looked at those listings and thought we were closed, this is a big challenge to make up for now, but the good news is that we are doing that. We had a beautiful story in The Huffington Post, written by Carol Smaldino, and I am so proud and excited to say that tomorrow morning at 8:45am, on PIX11 TV, Rain and I will be on the morning news, we were interviewed last week and they put together a story about me and my show and Rain and so, that is really the very first, real, significant press we will be having, and so THANK YOU to Bonita Lynch, our amazing PR representative, she came on late and is doing a fantastic job of catching us up while we are running, and we also have Susanne Pinedo doing our grass roots PR as well, in addition to working in conjunction with Bonita, and so, we are gaining momentum as we speak, Rain has an email blast going out to about 40,000 people this week about the show, which will be HUGE in terms of raising awareness, we have gotten a few other people on board who are going to restaurants and hotels in the neighborhood surrounding the theater with flyers and cards, we are dropping rack cards in all of the theaters in mid town now, the front of the theater is being upgraded with more BROKE WIDE OPEN stuff like a banner and a larger sandwich board and new posters, and of course, I am in that theater, doing the show every night, even if there's only one person there, I am there and I will be there until someone comes to drag me out, I am past the 6 year mark now with my progression of BROKE WIDE OPEN, and I have often been told that there is a 7 year "tipping point", and so I am looking forward to that, I'm thinking it will happen very soon, but it only can happen if I stay the course and continue on this journey, believing that it will happen. The moment I stop, it's over, that is for certain, But that is not going to happen.
I just want to say that I have had the most amazing contributions from all of you during this time. I was all by myself for the first 2 years of this project, then i met Stephen Bishop Seely and he has been around for the past 4 years, and truthfully, this would not be what it is, BROKE WIDE OPEN would not be an actual PLAY, if it weren't for my work with Stephen, he has made himself available to me for the entire 4 years, mainly as my dramaturg, and I am so grateful for that because it has been like being in school for me, he has simply asked all the right questions for 4 years, has made himself available to my incessant desire to work 24 hours a day, and so now I am also grateful and honored that he is the director of this production of BROKE WIDE OPEN, and I am hoping that this particular production winds up on Broadway, and I am really looking forward to saying, "directed by Stephen Bishop Seely" when referring to my Broadway debut. I have had the blessing of receiving the beautiful canvas painting that I get to live with each night, created by Jason Sisino and Lee Alston, in addition to their magnificent spirits and supportive souls, and who they are has been so tangibly revealed as they have had a very large contingent of their friends show up to the show at various different times, they have a huge amount of support in their own community, and that is not a surprise to me, knowing them as I do now, they are easy to love. I have Mia Roman who has taken care of me like her own family, taking real ownership in BROKE WIDE OPEN, doing all of the graphic design work, including our postcards, posters, and of course, creating the logo that will one day sit on a Broadway Marquee and somewhere in Times Square in a huge advertisement, I can't wait to be able to brag about Mia as this progresses. We have Nivia Marrero and Omayra Garriga at the theater with me each night, my stage manager and lighting designer respectively and they are both the epitome of joy and love and talent and professionalism, I want so badly to take them to Broadway with me, I am in love each night that I am with them, and of course Rain Pryor, our producer, one of the 500 NAMES, she is the PERFECT person to be leading us, she is brave, smart, talented, resolved and STRONG, she is screaming about BROKE WIDE OPEN and Rock WILK to the world and her integrity is beyond reproach, I couldn't have a better person to run this show, she is the consummate theater person, from being our captain to running the front of house, her enthusiasm and commitment is inspiring to anyone who has had the good fortune of being around her, and I feel so much more confident now that she has graced us with her presence, and if you know me, that means a lot because I am already pretty confident, but now, I am STEELED. We have Bonita and Susanne screaming to the world about us, behind the scenes getting us publicity, setting up interviews and getting stories written, trying to get reviewers in, Bonita is one of the most diligent people I have been around and her presence is light, she is a positive and epic force, and so we are in good hands and Susanne is 100% in all the time, a social networking beast, giving of her time all the time, her heart clearly in this, we are very fortunate to have her. I am also always mindful of the people who have been a part of my journey in the past and who are no longer on the current team, I carry them with me all the time as well. People like Jack Sharkey, who enabled me to get to London and was also a significant part of my cross country trip, and of course the amazing, talented and hard working Ebony Brown, who not only created the 500 NAMES logo, she was actually the first to donate money to that campaign, she gave so much of her time and heart and soul to BROKE WIDE OPEN, she wrote some of the most beautiful blogs about me and my show, I am always mindful of the fact that Ebony is a part of my story, I can't really think of BROKE WIDE OPEN without including her, she is all over this project as well, and so, I say all of this to say, THANK YOU, I just wanted to check in and let you know that, in as much as it may seem like it's not easy to be there every night performing for small crowds, it's actually easy for me because I have all of you, and I am DETERMINED to take every one of you to Broadway with me, and beyond, we have big plans and believe it or not, my energy level is growing with each day, as some people may look at this as an overwhelming task, I just look at it as the next part of my journey, and thankfully, you are all a part of that, and so, I am grateful, and as I often say, and as I say at the end of BROKE WIDE OPEN, "who's luckier than me?". The answer would be nobody. Onward we go, we are right where we are supposed to be, see you at the theater, back soon with more news.
Peace and mad love

Rain Pryor now lead Producer for BROKE WIDE OPEN - October 8, 2012

We are proud to announce that Rain Pryor has come on as lead producer for BROKE WIDE OPEN, and the amazing thing is that Rain was ALREADY a producer as she was part of the 500 NAMES campaign. A perfect partnership, Rain and what is already over 570 supporters pushing Rock WILK and BROKE WIDE OPEN closer and closer to a Broadway run. BROKE WIDE OPEN is currently running at The 45th Street Theatre in Manhattan. Rain and Rock first met on the set where they were both part of the soon to be released film, Jamesy Boy, a friendship was struck, and the rest of this history is being written, and it is sure to be a long and prosperous one. Stay tuned for more, and watch them fly!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROCKheads are born!!!!!! - August 21, 2012


what's the story? - July 31, 2012

There's something very special, something unique going on in the theater world that was born in New York City, and over the past 6 years has been planting seeds all over the country, even spreading out to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to the UK, in renegade style, in parks and on the streets, in the subways of NYC, in alternative spaces like art galleries and abandoned storefronts, empty basement spaces, lofts, and then slowly finding it's way to clubs and small theaters, festivals and larger theaters, schools, community centers, group homes, workshops and holding Q&A's after almost every show and rehearsal for this entire journey, Rock WILK and his story, BROKE WIDE OPEN are emerging, and they're coming fast and furious. BROKE WIDE OPEN is the story of Rock's adoption and his fostering and his ambivalent search for his biological mother, a story of love, loss, family, relationships, questions of identity, and his incessant search for a place that feels like HOME to him.
Best described as High energy, honest, and unforgettable, BROKE WIDE OPEN is a poetic and orchestral unveiling of truth with Rock WILK as both maestro and menace. In BROKE WIDE OPEN, Rock takes us on a journey where he recounts and relives life changing consequences and decisions. Like martyr, like savior, like rebel without pause, Rock WILK is insistently fighting to enlighten and protect anyone and everyone in his path. A force, a hurricane, a cyclone of well intentioned chaos, Rock WILK is a tempest of love; he is valor and destruction all wrapped up into one. Testing the limits of every relationship in his life, Rock WILK’s journey to explore cause, and find home, becomes both incessant and reluctant. Emotionally gripping and spiritually giving, BROKE WIDE OPEN is also hopeful with pockets of laugh out-loud, comedic revelation. Rock WILK’s transgressions and triumphs throughout BROKE WIDE OPEN inspire unsolicited introspection; like a mirror and milestone, this theater piece compels many to face themselves and transcend to that which they are open and willing.
And then there is the audience, which Rock, when asked about BROKE WIDE OPEN, often says he is most proud of, describes as the most beautiful and diverse collection of people from all walks of life, a multicultural melting pot of ALL of US, who have become this loyal legion of staunch supporters, "a adopted family" in a sense, even to the point of contributing financially to Rock's journey via his 500 NAMES campaign, a fundraiser that garnered over $20,000 and so far, over 530 NAMES of donors from all over the world, literally from his home in New York City and all over the US to Australia and Romania to Africa and Israel, London, South America, Canada, Paris, etc, etc, 500 NAMES has been the epiphany that BROKE WIDE OPEN, although originally "all about Rock", is no longer all about him, this is everybody's story now, 500 NAMES became a spiritual "coming together" with people spontaneously and unsolicited donating in honor of deceased relatives, new born babies, yet to be born babies, pets, friends and family, BROKE WIDE OPEN has truly become a project of the people and Rock WILK is their leader, a veritable prophet. An inspirational presence on both Facebook and Twitter in addition to the official BROKE WIDE OPEN website, Rock WILK is literally sharing his life and bearing his soul with a growing number of followers who are increasing exponentially with each progressing day and each public rehearsal or performance, spontaneous or scheduled, in or out of the theater, during this development of BROKE WIDE OPEN. The 500 NAMES fundraiser is ongoing.
Rock WILK is an actor, a playwright and a poet, also a socially and politically charged vocalist and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He creates all of this art while riding the subways of NYC. Along with being a Nuyorican Poet's semifinalist and 2010 runoffs qualifier for The Nuyorican's national team, Rock also was recently a featured performer for Amnesty International at an event for human rights. Rock will be appearing in his first feature film, Jamesy Boy, which stars James Woods, Mary Louise Parker and Ving Rhames, which will be released in early 2013.
He has worked as a studio and touring background vocalist for many years, most recently singing with the legendary Patti LaBelle and contributing vocal and horn arrangements to the Grammy Award winning Les Paul compilation album, LES PAUL AND FRIENDS.
Rock's music can also be heard on such TV shows as MTV's The Real World and Making The Band, among others.
BROKE WIDE OPEN will be opening on October 6th, [that night will also be a fundraiser for The Children's Aid Society of NYC Adoption and Foster Care programs including a dinner/gala event, sponsored, by Carmines Restaurant], at The 45th Street Theatre in NYC. There will be 2 previews of the show on October 4th and 5th, and then BROKE WIDE OPEN will be off and running, presenting 8 shows a week, including 2 matinees each week, thru the middle of November and possibly beyond, and who knows? Would it really surprise you to see a story like this wind up on a Broadway stage? They say life imitates art, right? Well, here you go. I give you Rock WILK and BROKE WIDE OPEN. Living, breathing proof that it's all about the journey, and this has certainly been a wild one that has no ending in sight. Directed by Stephen Bishop Seely.
Rock WILK- Actor, Playwright, Composer, Performer
Rock WILK in BROKE WIDE OPEN at The 45th Street Theatre, a NYC debut
Opening October 6th, 2012, 8 shows per week for 6 weeks. 2 previews, October 4th and 5th.
The 45th Street Theatre, 354 W. 45th St, NYC 10036 [between 8th and 9th Ave]
Also available at for more information:
Facebook: Rock WILK and BROKE WIDE OPEN
Twitter: @rockwilk
website: CONTACT INFO:
Alexis Marnel
phone: 201 658 6419

RESPECT APPAREL coming on board!! - July 26, 2012

Who's making the BROKE WIDE OPEN hoody's and t shirts??? a new company..........
"Working on autopilot just isn't our thing. Our team of innovative, outside-the-box thinkers have joined forces to help kick-start your company from concept to production. We're the design enthusiasts who work around the clock to help your vision come to life. From creating a kick-ass logo and overall branding to merchandising and apparel production, our blend of talented, forward thinking, business savvy professionals will ensure that your company gains the respect it deserves."
Angela Brasington and Chad Copeland run that house and they are gonna outfit us!!!! Proud to have them on board as part of my BROKE WIDE OPEN team!!!!!!

CARMINES sponsoring OPENING NIGHT! - June 29, 2012

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Glenn Rolnick- Director of Culinary, Jeff Bank CEO and Alice Cutler President of the Alicart Restaurant Group, the amazing people behind Carmines Restaurant- which includes the 2 locations in NYC, and the others from Washington DC to Atlantic City, NJ , to the Atlantis in The Bahamas, and a soon to be opened location in the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, also including Virgil's Barbecue in Times Square in addition to The Atlantis in The Bahamas, as well, we are so grateful to have your support in providing the food for the Opening Night Gala and fundraiser for The Children's Aid Society Adoption and Foster Care Program on October 6th, THANK YOU!!!!!

From artists Lee Alston at LA Creations Art LLC - June 24, 2012

IMG_9336 smaller Dear Friends and family all over the world,

Starting today Rock Wilk Jason Sisino and Lee Alston will be posting pictures and video of our latest collaborative work in progress soon on display in New York - Saturday, October 6th, 8pm at The 45th Street Theatre in Manhattan

Please prepare yourself for one of our largest murals that we are currently in the process of creating: Jason Sisino and Lee Alston.

Special Commissioned collaborative work of art for our good friend Rock Wilk
Medium: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Oil Paint on Canvas
Size Approx. 25 ft x 25 ft

This mural will be completed in approx 4 weeks and has been a work in progress for several months now. We are so excited to finally start to unleash pics and video of this huge work of art in progress to the public.

Yesterday was an incredible day for all of us, as we unveiled this labor of love to Rock…so glad he loved it! We have gotten to the point now where we are involved in the world and art of Rock Wilk. We are painting and creating to help Rock Wilk as he speaks to humanity on a level that I have never seen any motivational speaker do as Rock does! Rock will help you take a look at yourself and the world around you from deep within, as he speaks on notes of empowerment, reality, positive energy, personal life experiences, and tragedies in his and your life.

*Don’t miss this show on October 6, 2012 in NY, it will make you laugh, cry, die and come back to life with an outlook that will help you grow as human!

Thank you - Rock Wilk for granting us the opportunity to step into the light with you on this incredible ride into the soul of humanity!

Much Respect and love to all,
Lee Alston

Stay tuned for more pic and video:)

500 NAMES update... - June 21, 2012

500 NAMES update and some answers to many questions. First of all, if you made a donation of $250 or more, you have 2 FREE tickets to opening night. If you made a donation of $100 or more, you have 2 FREE tickets to any performance beginning October 7th, thru November 11th. If you made a donation of $50 or more, you have 1 FREE ticket to any performance beginning October 7th, thru November 11th. And finally, if you made ANY donation at all, even $1, you will get one free ticket when you PURCHASE a ticket for any performance.
Also, the first 500 NAMES will be included in the playbill/program for all productions of BROKE WIDE OPEN moving forward, FOREVER, and all NAMES after 500 will be FOREVER included at the official BROKE WIDE OPEN website, which means you will be among history because we are going for 5 THOUSAND, and I'm thinking nobody has ever done that before!
THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY, we are progressing well, putting this production together for October, I am so excited, it's going to be the most beautiful shared experience, and BECAUSE OF YOU, I'm no longer alone on my journey, I now have some amazing and talented collaborators, we are opening in midtown Manhattan, among all of the great Off Broadway and Broadway shows at The 45th Street Theatre, and most importantly, I am just so GRATEFUL for this opportunity, and I PROMISE you, I am giving every drop of my soul to this to make sure you are proud of what has become EVERYBODY'S story, and although BROKE WIDE OPEN is "all about me", this journey is CERTAINLY not all about me any more. THANK YOU for that. This has been the greatest gift of my life, I'm sure it will continue to be, and I plan on RE-GIFTING for many years to come in many ways, but first of all, by putting on the most amazing performances of this play, every night that I have the opportunity to do so, each show will be a magnificent catharsis for everyone in that theater, my word.
You can get tickets at either the homepage here or at the calendar page, and for the complimentary tickets mentioned above, just email and you will be taken care of. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, EMERGING COMMUNITY, WE ARE 500 NAMES, ALL 5000 OF US, and WE ARE ALL BROKE WIDE OPEN!



My road to sponsor kids to share BROKE WIDE OPEN with me this October who would otherwise not be able to get there themselves, I have 20 sponsored seats so far, I am trying to get to 120, 60 kids each at 2 separate shows, and i will be doing the only 2 Q&A's of the run on those nights to share conversation with the groups who are there. I have kids in the foster care system coming from The Coalition for Hispanic Family Services here in NYC, kids on probation who are involved in a creative writing program run by a friend of mine who does a lot of work with troubled youth here in the city, I have kids from The American Sign Language Secondary School 47 coming, [I have an ASL interpreter that night], and I have some group homes interested as well, and so, there are plenty of youth wanting to come share my story with me, and my intention is to, first of all, expose these kids to the theater, most of them have never seen a show in their young lives, and then to talk to them, to show them the possibilities of what can happen if you write. How art is a positive and constructive way toward opportunity that you can begin to create yourself, I am basically hoping to inspire these young minds and hearts to use their creative abilities to see beyond the limited world they are living in that is, in the case of many of these kids who live in the system, a result of lack of funds and strong, family support. I personally know so many people who have saved their own lives thru writing and performance, and so, I am always using BROKE WIDE OPEN to inspire and catapult these students to want more out of their lives, and for them to be able to see it right in front of their eyes in the way that I show it to them, really seems to be a very provocative experience, and that has been the case all over the world, for the past few years.

To summarize my play, BROKE WIDE OPEN is the story of my adoption and my fostering and my ambivalent search for my biological mother, a story of love and loss, family relationships, questions of identity and my incessant search for a place that feels like HOME to me. BROKE WIDE OPEN, although it takes place all over the country, is a NEW YORK STORY, It is a musical and a beautiful theatrical production, there is a magnificent canvas painting as part of the set that is 2 stories high, a very high energy, physical show, there's video, animation, and BROKE WIDE OPEN is intimate, a beautiful shared experience between me and the audience at each performance, that has been the case for the entire 6 years that I have been developing this play. Perhaps what I am most proud of is who the audience is, and that would be EVERYBODY. BROKE WIDE OPEN has the most diverse audience, from young to old, all cultures, EVERYBODY loves BROKE WIDE OPEN, and I realize that the reason for that is that, although this story is "all about me", over time, it has become EVERYBODY'S story, and so I am extremely grateful for that.

And so, that is a good idea of what BROKE WIDE OPEN is about, I am looking for sponsors for these kids, I am offering a discount for sponsors, for every 3 tickets that you buy, you get 2 more FREE. So if you buy 6, you get 4 additional tickets, if you buy 12, you get 8 more, if you sponsor 30 kids, you get 20 free tickets. The free tickets can be used any way the sponsor wants to use them, and for any of the almost 40 performances of my run beginning with the October 7th performance. I will be doing 8 shows a week, including 2 matinees, so there are plenty of performances to choose from. You can use these free tickets for yourself, gift them, give them back to the sponsorship program, WHATEVER you want to do, it's up to the purchaser of the tickets.
And so, all you have to do is go here... and choose either October 12th or October 16th and buy as many tickets as you want, and just email me afterwards and I will take care of the free tickets myself, if you buy at least 3. THE FREE TICKETS WILL NOT SHOW UP AT THE TICKET SITE, YOU HAVE TO EMAIL ME TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE.

You can also pay by check, tickets are $35 each, make the check payable to:


and send the check to:

PO Box 20011
New York, NY 10025-1510

For more information about me and my show, you can go to or email me at .
THANK YOU SO MUCH, it is my privilege and honor to share my story and to inspire, I thank you for considering putting these young people in the theater, they will never be the same!!!

Completely separate from this sponsorship program, I also hope to see you all at my show, as well, opening night is October 6th, that night is also a fundraiser for The Children's Aid Society Adoption and Foster Care Program of NYC, 20% of the proceeds going to them, there will be a beautiful dinner/celebration sponsored by Carmines, and will take place at The Actors Temple on 47th Street immediately after that nights' performance, it's going to be THE place to be in New York City that night, the official DEBUT of BROKE WIDE OPEN, I am so proud to be at this part of my journey now, and I hope you will be there with me on opening night. Tickets for that performance are $125 each and available at the homepage of my website as well as at the ticketing site. After opening night, all tickets for the remainder of the run are $35, BROKE WIDE OPEN will be showing at The 45th Street Theatre, between 8th and 9th Ave in Manhattan, running thru November 11th.

500 NAMES DONE!!!! - May 25, 2012


working with some amazing kids and sign language and telling stories, and all 'a that!!! - April 17, 2012

SOOOOOO GRATEFUL to be going to "47", The American Sign Language and English secondary school tomorrow, here in NYC, to get with those magical kids again, last year was amazing, tomorrow will be EPIC, who's luckier than me? ♥

a film role in Jamesy Boy - April 4, 2012

Rock WILK in his first film role as an inmate in Jamesy Boy, with James Woods, Ving Rhames and Mary Louise Parker, amazing experience filming in Jessup prison in Baltimore, MD, more information here

500 NAMES UPDATE - March 16, 2012

WE ARE 327 STRONG, check the new latest story written about Rock and his journey at the press page here, final performance of BROKE WIDE OPEN at The Passage Theatre in Trenton this Sunday for a 3pm matinee, info at the calendar page here, off to Oakland and Seattle in April, BROKE WIDE OPEN back to Red Bank Regional High School later this spring, and TICKETS TO OPENING NIGHT FOR THE RUN AT THE 45TH STREET THEATRE ON OCTOBER 5TH, AVAILABLE AT THE CALENDAR PAGE HERE, be a part of opening night and the GALA event that night, it's going to be THE ticket in New York City this fall.... and that's enough for now......

500 NAMES - January 3, 2012

Photobucket WE ARE 136 STRONG AND HAVE RAISED OVER $4400 in just 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Get with us, go to the 500 NAMES page here at the website and be a part of history!!!

BROKE WIDE OPEN coming to St Johns University!! - October 4, 2011

St. John's University---D'Angelo Center
(2nd Floor Coffee House Adjacent to Starbucks Lounge)
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
(718) 990-2000
Time: 5PM-7PM
***FREE*** (w/ free coffee/tea/hot chocolate/donuts from Dunkin Donuts)
show up early to get on line.

SOLD OUT and GRATEFUL!!! - September 18, 2011

United Solo Festival Website - October 24th at 9PM!

UNITED SOLO FESTIVAL tickets AVAILABLE!!! - August 24, 2011

United Solo Festival Website - October 24th at 9PM!

BROKE WIDE OPEN in The United Solo Festival - June 28, 2011

Monday night, October 24th, at 9pm.... put that date in your calendar now, an evolved BROKE WIDE OPEN is about to bust out on 42nd St in New York City as part of the United Solo Festival right in the middle of the GREAT WHITE WAY, Broadway can't be far behind. This production of BROKE WIDE OPEN will be directed by the amazing Stephen Bishop Seely, Rock WILK is about to get inside of you and never come out! Keep checking back for ticket availability, that information will be forthcoming soon, this show will sell out FAST, so secure your place in the theater QUICKLY and be part of the continuing journey with Rock WILK and his personal and universal story, BROKE WIDE OPEN. See you in October!!!!!!!!!

BROKE WIDE OPEN is going to London and other assorted news.... - April 26, 2011

1-I am proud to announce that BROKE WIDE OPEN was accepted and will be presented in London, England for 6 performances, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, from August 9th-14th, just a few months from now. More specific information to come regarding venue and times, but I am READY TO TAKE MY STORY GLOBAL NOW!!!!!

2-I will be doing a reading of a new play that I have been working on, [title to be announced] sometime late spring/early summer, so stay tuned for that, I would love for you to be in attendance, I am VERY EXCITED to begin the process of developing my second play. The reading will be somewhere in New York City.

3-I will be bringing BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" to Shades Repertory Theatre this coming Saturday night, April 30th, at 8pm, in Haverstraw, NY, in beautiful Rockland County, my old stomping grounds, I'm very excited to share my story in this very special space. Shades Rep is at 64 New Main St, Haverstraw, NY 10927, phone number is 845 675 8044, tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

4-Very excited to announce a performance of BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" at Backstage Productions Theatre in Kingston, NY on Friday, May 6th, at 8pm. Backstage Productions is at 323 Wall St, Kingston, NY 12401, phone number is 845 338 8700. For ticket information, call the theater.

As with all performances of BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" and for as long as we are in this "developmental" or "workshop" stage, there will be a Q&A after each performance, so I hope to see you all there and we will continue to have these beautiful shared experiences, continuing what we've been doing all over the country for the past few years, this has been the most remarkable journey, the most amazing time of my life. And it's only beginning...

So much going on!!!! - April 16, 2011

So finally, I have dived [dove? diven? diveded?] deep into my next play, a brand new script, and it has already been quite the journey for me, one of the most important stories living inside of me that has to come out, and so with all of me, I am on to the next project, my next full length play, BUT...I have the strength and stamina of a superhero, and so the development of BROKE WIDE OPEN is still in full effect, I have 2 performances coming up on April 30th and May 6th, [] and some other AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES coming up later in the year with BWO, so stay tuned for a couple of big announcements over the next few months. Also, look for BROKE WIDE OPEN "unplugged" coming to your city soon, a tour in the south is in the works as well as throughout the northeast, so we are VIRAL, GROWING, DEVELOPING and HAVING FUN!!!! Only in a real, tangible, you can come see me in person kinda way, and who does it like this besides me? So worry NOT, I'm coming to you soon, STAY CLOSE!! ***NOTE***Be sure to support the soloNOVA Festival in NYC, some of the most beautiful, evocative and important pieces of solo theater will be presented by the terraNOVA Collective, I know I'll be there supporting!! That is May 11th thru the 28th, more info here...
OK, we're good for now, see you all soon!!!!!!!!!
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