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Forget [Poina} [click here]

(Rock WILK)
May 19, 2009
music and lyrics Rock WILK
for NK
what I didn't need even a split second to learn?
that you were yearbook photos
family trips
stories that only my father could tell
that you are the first person that I ever really loved

That I was thousands of years waiting
from past lives
that even when I couldn't look directly at you
you inhaled my steeled arrow eyes
and they pierced your memory
convulsed your history
shook you back
they reminded you
"look, it's me!
don't you know that you're in love with me?"

that we were the site where the demigod Maui snared the sun
and forced it to slow its journey across the sky
forget a first kiss that was like Hawaiian morning mist
with the sun rising over Haleakala

that that moment erupted
into hot molten lava
thick flowing from your lips
into my mouth

from my lips into the crescent of your soul
oozing down into our chests
that our backs became two volcanic axes
pressing our midsections together
forming one gently curving arc
that pressed this golden, shimmering, billowing heat
against each of our hearts
swelling them
both at the same time
forget that symbiotic exchange?
that's impossible

and you know lava eventually
becomes igneous rock
from simmering, oozing molten fire
to solid stone
I immediately became set in your memoirs
and you became generations of my beginnings

the first sound of your voice
coming out of your eyes
that paralyzed my thoughts
and pulled my tongue right out of my core
the center of my earth
toward your perfectly formed mouth

my final destination
like Oz
like Dorothy's Kansas
my heels click grounded
there's no place like home
there's no place like home
there's no place like home

that before you
I was a torn page from a diary
floating around
like a firefly
occassionally I would be caught by someone
show signs of light
but inevitably begin to flicker
unable to obtain enough energy
and eventually be dulled again

needing to fly away with confused intention
off again to search for you
and hope that you'll reach up
grab me
cup your hands around me
and feel me illuminate your skin
my wings buzzing a million miles an hour
tickling your palms

massaging your fingers
goosebumps traveling up your arms
sending waves of me
thru the back of your neck
trying so hard to remind you
wishing as hard as I can
that you will place me in a jar
and keep me this time
because I'm tired of traveling thru time
when can we stop and just accept this?

We are fragile.
we are grandmother's jewelry
antique lamps
a delicate crystal vase
we are stories in fine china around family gatherings
so we are careful about how we handle each other
seems we break easily
sometimes it's a difficult task
to preserve faultless precious beauty
but isn't it worth it?

that first day that we looked at each other
was Gaugin pastel on canvas
was Moloka'i sunset
was Lana'i moonshadows

the thing is
every time a volcano erupts
it's like an earthquake
evocative, grandiose
an almost violent stillness
you're unable to move
it's unavoidable

at that moment
that's all there is
there is literally nothing else
and your life
your life becomes all about waiting for the next time
Because you see this is simply something that you can never, ever forget