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This Isn't Ft Greene [click here]

(Rock WILK)
April 27, 2009
music and lyrics Rock WILK
You sell for a living
Luxury low income housing
in Ft Greene, Brooklyn

Stand by your slogan
you live here
so you should know better
but you are an oxymoron

Sorry to tell you
that not only is this not Ft Greene
this is not even Clinton Hill
THIS is Bed Stuy

You speak of breaking barriers
your blurred boundaries bend borders
but like a blind man selling contacts
you are retina detached from reality

Like a used car salesperson
adjusting the odometer
you are gut renovated history
you are "they just don't make 'em like they used to"

No moldings
your nooks and crannies are nothing special
you have no character
you don't pay attention to detail

You are revisionist renovation
indifferent to the blood, sweat and tears
that went into the foundation of this exact spot
this actual neighborhood
you should be ashamed of yourself

This is about race
your race
who is gonna build the fastest?
who is gonna sell the fastest?
Gotcha, didn't I?
Yea, THAT race, too

The first day I walked into this building
I looked out the window
saw jazz, stickball and brisket
all on the same block

saw museums made of brown stone
saw multicolored imbedded culture
bending over backwards
like a long rainbow on the pot of gold side

transfixed on a beautiful view
of The Empire State Building
Looking over Hasidic peos curls
and dark skin
running and laughing together
just children
unaware of you and me
Vernon Avenue
their own personal playground

You stood next to me
looked out the window
and assured me
"don't worry
they'll be gone within 5 years"
I moved in shortly thereafter

I never see you shop around here
I don't see you come and go
You must not hate the G train
because I bet you've never been late to an appointment because of it
All of it's maddening glory
carrying an open mind of it's own
non discriminating
everyone's late
you're always on time
you must feel left out

I'm thinking you'll be gone within 5 years
and this party will continue
open house
everybody's welcome
despite you
without you
Bed Stuy
Do or Die