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Questions [click here!!]

(Rock WILK)
March 27, 2009
Music and Lyrics Rock WILK
the lyrics you can read here are the most recent revision, the recording was the first moment I wrote this piece, I think it's valuable to hear my initial feelings, but workshops and performances have made me a real poet, so I DO edit from time to time. Having said that, the first moment of creation, in my opinion, is always the "heart" of the work. In poetry and in life. Most of us have trouble getting back to that first truth, and perhaps those "beginnings" are finite, who knows? I know this for sure, however, in those first moments are the amazing gifts, the unknown, the POSSIBILITIES. I love beginnings, I tend to take for granted the process in the middle, hopefully I learn from endings, but hey, that's just me. Either way, this is a story of lost love, literally. This is for NK......
You are questions
I am an astronaut
Asking in orbit
Lost in space
Exploring with no oxygen
Searching for air
In no particular direction

I try to get grounded
But I’m dizzy
Walking a cobblestone path
My equilibrium tested
Stepping past cracks
Searching for solid, rounded stones

Uneasy, I’m losing my balance
Wonder if I’m chasing or being followed
I can’t close my eyes
Even the one’s in the back of my head

You tiptoe across my field of dreams
3 steps at a time
And then you float in the air
Like a butterfly

The wind tossing you like loose kite
And your smile is warm brilliant sun
nurturing flowers as you pass over them
Cutting through fervent mist
Spitting colored rainbows
Feeding like photosynthesis
and your eyes

make me feel like Central Park
In blazing, perspiring August
With absolutely nowhere I have to be

You live in the center
of my earth
Lay on our blanket
On the great lawn
It becomes our magic carpet
And then we can fly whenever and wherever you want to

because you see,
I want to go with you
but I didn't mean fly literally
and once you germinated me
And I began to flower myself
You became weightless
Backwards gravity

Your feet left my ground
And I can’t fly like that
You mistook me for some kind of an eagle
Hoped I would exit this atmosphere with you
But I could combust
Turn to Fourth of July finale

So you became a raging inferno
Mad fire
At available flowing water
That I offered

You must like fire
Because you didn’t drink me
You chose burned parched
Scathing black crusted retreat
Ashes disintegrated to dust
And now
like loss
like deprivation
like starving to death
total solar eclipse
you’re invisible

But I won’t plan the funeral
We are perfectly faultless beautiful
I keep going back to slippery salted stones
Where we first walked
And promised each other
You still have my word

When we run into each other again
Our tongues will bounce off of our lips
They will dance shared stories
Of where we’ve been
While we were apart
In words spoken
To make up for lost time

No matter how much time
Because we knew in our first moment
When our hearts slowly collapsed
Gave in
And rubbed up against one another
Like puppies wet noses

We knew this day would come
No matter where we would go
Our skin would shed again
And we would touch resilient light
Breathe a random warm rush of familiar ocean salt
Lay down with one another naked
feel safe
Like quilted comforter
Made by grandmothers
Relieved that this is exactly as we planned

See we both can fly
Just not in the same way
And that’s the exact reason
That we found each other

To compliment our weightless
Solitary existences
Suspended on the ceiling
Looking down in confusion
We finally found some sense
Together, in midair

There was never, ever
any weighted darkness
Just uneasy connected distance
The kind you feel
When you’re attached at the hip

I found the center in my universe
The first time you asked me
Where I was from
Finally touched down
Speed of light to stillness
Deep breath

And ever since that day
I’ve got nothing but time for you
And that means forever