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Upside Down [CLICK HERE!]

July 30, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
Holy Shit.
Blood everywhere, can’t make it to the studio, don’t give a shit about my email, who’s gonna call my mother? Did I lock my door? Where’s my car parked? Who has my wallet? You mean right now? But wait a minute……………………….
Did it.
Made it.
Now what?
8 oz of triple filtered water with an organic lemon squeezed into it every morning when you get up.
2 oz. or organic wheatgrass juice, twice a day
8 oz organic pineapple juice
8 oz organic coconut juice
Spirulina, barley grass, elderberry, goats milk protein,
Organic blueberries, organic blackberries
Raw foods, get those greens into your system
Carrot, beet and celery juice, 16 oz EVERY DAY!
Run, but don’t run away, run for your life. Walk over the Williamsburg Bridge once a day and make sure you look around and see everything, even if it’s raining, especially if it’s raining, see the birds, the boats, lower Manhattan, the guy who just ran past you, the girl with all the tattoos who just went by you on that skateboard, the Hasidic kid dribbling the basketball across the bridge, smell the air over the East River, look at those clouds, damn that’s beautiful, look to your left and see the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, look to the right and check the 59th Street Bridge, See the UN?, Stop for a quick second and look back at Brooklyn, Yo, that looks good, breathe, Damn, look at the Chrysler Building shining, The Empire State Building, keep walking and hit Delancy Street, walk to Orchard Street and head up to Houston St, but stop in one of the little stores and buy a shirt or a belt, or anything from one of the survivors who still have that clothing store open, you know who I’m talking about, it’s Orchard Street! Now, go over to “Russ and Daughters” and get yourself the perfect bagel, and keep heading uptown, go west and hit the Village, head over to West 4th Street and watch some of the best street hoops in the WORLD! Go to Washington Square Park and sit by the dog run. Breathe. Chill. OK, back to Sixth Ave, over by 8th St and get that wheatgrass at Lifetime, your favorite health food store. See, you’re gonna be cool, just keep living, it’s all still going on around you, so don’t buy into the bullshit. You got thru the war, now enjoy the peace, the aftermath of your healthy ass, 2 foot shorter colon having self. Listen to music as much as possible, because that’s your blood, it keeps your heart pumping. Now you can keep your eyes wide open, listen at all times, touch every flower that you see, and keep the wheatgrass coming, need that chlorophyll.
Positive, healthy, sometimes we all need a change of plan, need to be turned upside down, we need to stop for a quick second and just turn around and take a look back . You’re out of the rut, on to the next 50 years. Go win a few more Grammy’s, keep playing those drums, keep singing, keep spreading the joy that you exude every minute of your life, and don’t forget, keep pumping the wheatgrass.
For Bobby C…………………….. I give you a rough mix of the whole song. No time for clips and “trailers” here.
Upside Down
[music and lyrics by WILK]

[verse 1]
Yesterday was just like any other day, and now I find myself into today
and just when you think you know that you can go about your business
something shows it’s ugly face and makes you go a different way

Hard times came into my life
And there were no signs, nobody told me
I need some answers, some kinda direction, and please I'm asking for help 'cause I'm so afraid

change of plans
everything is upside down
I had to stop and turn around
‘cause everything is upside down

[verse 2]
You cut me got all up inside me, 2 feet from my guts are gone and now you want to burn me up
Run that poison thru my veins, my clouded life, here comes the rain
My pain will make a claim to give me life again

Hard times came into my life
And there were no signs, nobody said a mothafuckin' thing
I need some answers, some kinda direction, please lord I'm asking for help 'cause I'm so afraid

I didn’t expect my life to go in this direction
I need an extension while I work on this correction
I need some time
‘cause I had no signs

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All rights reserved