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Black and White [CLICK HERE!!]

July 31, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
“Was he a black guy?”, “oh, was she a black chick?”, “a white dude?”, “where was she from?”, “Puerto Rican?”, “an Asian cat, right?”, “Jew?”, I’m so sick of hearing these questions all the time as I walk through each step of my life. The reason is, these questions rarely…. Almost never…. Have any relevance to the conversation I happen to be involved in. “Yo, you should have heard this girl sing last night at the club!!! She was killin’!! An amazing singer!” I can’t tell you how many times the next phrase in the conversation is either, “was she black?”, or “black girl?”, or however it comes to me.

I’m feeling like screaming today, because I gotta say that this makes me SICK! I’m wondering…… when we are going to stop putting limits on people, categorizing what we ‘can and can’t do’ according to what we look like. When are we going to stop “forming” our children with this deep seeded small mindedness, telling them at an early age what they ‘can and can’t do’, keeping this pathetic cycle spinning ‘round and ‘round.

Am I over reacting? I don’t think so. It’s with us every minute that we breathe. Always right under the surface, we look around and judge people based on the way they look, or once we find out what religion they might be, or where they come from, we think we know what this person is all about. What ever happened to “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?

I’m not gonna go on and on about this, because we know it’s a “truth” that we all live with, but I want to share some words from a song that didn’t make my album, because I struggled with the content. I guess I felt like there was still a lot to be revealed about what happened to 23 year old Sean Bell and his friends the night before Sean was to be married. The night that 50 shots rang out from New York City Police Officers, killing Sean Bell and wounding his friends. I’m gonna say that again. The night that 50 shots rang out from New York City Police Officers, killing Sean Bell and wounding his friends. Sean and his 2 friends were unarmed.

The thing is this, I’m a male Caucasian living here in Brooklyn, NY, and I’m thinking that I probably couldn’t get shot 50 times by police officers if I tried. Amadou Diallo, same thing. 40 shots fired at an unarmed man. A man of color.
If you’re white, that’s never gonna happen to you, and that’s exactly why I feel it has to be said. I’m certainly not here to judge the cops, I don’t walk in their shoes, they risk their lives to protect us everyday they put those uniforms on, but I have to ask you this,

“Have you ever heard

Even one time in your life

A story like Sean Bells

About 3 guys who were white?”

I doubt it, and if you have, PLEASE share it at the “comments” page here at this website. I’m willing to bet we’re not gonna get any comments about 3 white men getting shot 50 times by police, anywhere in this country, for any reason. Something to think about. Seems to be “Black and White”.
I’ll just leave it at that.

Black and White
[music and lyrics by WILK]

Is he black, is he white
Does it matter
Tell me what difference does it make
Seems it does to you
Turn around, walk away, that’s your answer
Truth is hard to take
Because it’s black and white

[verse 1]
I’m deeply affected; I’m extremely sensitive to the questions you ask
You seem to bask in the glow of your charmed life
you got the perfect wife and 2 beautiful kids
but there was nothing special that you did
See you were just born right, never even had to fight
For anything you received or accomplished
Just as long as you just follow that path
That was trailblazed for you with those eyes of blue
Was all laid out for you
Just connect the dots; shots fall in along the way with no practice
It’s part of your legacy; this is where you’re supposed to be
To a lot of people that would appear to be for free
It’s just my observation of the situation it’s history
Check the facts, let’s call it what it is
This ain’t no mystery

Someone’s gotta say this
You’d listen if it was Dre
And I’m feelin’ kinda nervous
So hit record and preserve this

Someone’s gotta say this
A lot of folks will hate me
But many more will relate to me
So I’ll stand up and say this


[verse 2]
What’s your preoccupation and how does that relate to what I just told you
It’s got nothing to do with that
I’m not trying to avoid the issue, you’re trying to avoid the issue
One too many times I hear from you, the same old question
Your obsession burns through like the KKK
And you’re a Jew,
You should know better than that, because everyone hates you, too
I’m walking with you
I’m hoping you change to a more open mind
So less people can die, so less black people can die
And why did I have to put it like that?
I already told you why, because you’re preoccupied
And why does it matter to me?
A white, bright, light boy like me?
Black, white, brown, yellow too
Your mind is like genocide, you divide
People as “us and them”
And until you stop asking that question
You will continue to offend me



[verse 3]
Blue black, my friend is dark
Can’t hide, it’s what you see
Story, one day we were in the park
He’s used to what affected me
Beautiful day, girls not wearing a lot
Kinda like it that way, love when the weather get’s hot
Trying to catch somebody’s eye
Looking for that inviting smile
The one that says “go ‘head and try, talk some stuff”, so while..
We were doing that thing that everybody does
We started a conversation
Just because we thought we got that look
The cop didn’t see it that way
He grabbed my friend, bent his arm behind him,
Threw him on the ground before you could say
STOP!, she screamed
The cop said, “you ok?”
Of course, said this white girl
Damn, yo!
Walk in his shoes, it’s a constant reminder
And if you’re white it’s never gonna happen to you
so that’s why I think that



© 2007 IamAPerson&SoRU Music [ASCAP]
All rights reserved