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So a close friend of mine calls me the other day and says, "I'm getting on your list of 500 today, I'm SO excited", which makes me mad happy, and then we continue the conversation and I tell her about the opening night and GALA night on October 5th, that the night includes showing the completed and amazing work of all of the artists submissions for BROKE WIDE OPEN, along with the opening show, which is going to be EPIC, and then a celebration dinner/party afterwards, an event that is so exciting for me, I am giving a portion of the proceeds from this opening night to The Children's Aid Society Adoption and Foster Care programs, AND everyone who buys tickets to this evening also automatically gets on the list of 500 NAMES
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...When I performed at an event called "Femicide" a few years ago, remembering and honoring women who had been murdered and in many cases mutilated simply because of their gender, I didn't hear one person say anything like, "that poor b*tch". And I'm wondering, tonight when I stand before Sean Bells family, is there going to be ANYONE in that room stupid enough to use the "N" word?...
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Posted on February 12, 2012
The thing about loss is that it is cumulative, it starts at birth, and it is the most natural thing, as normal as life, and equally as constant.
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Don't forget about me. Please.

Posted on January 21, 2012
I want to be remembered as someone who did great things, someone who gave back, someone who didn't just take up space, someone just a little bit above the average, someone willing to step up and be a leader, unafraid to speak, to stand up for those who cannot or are not willing to speak for themselves, and someone who does amazing work. Committed, honest, hard work. I want to be remembered as someone who could fly.
Don't ever forget me. Please.
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Posted on January 3, 2012
DON'T EVER GIVE UP, because if you do, it's gonna be really hard to ever get started again.
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